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Can Matza Be Made From…

Pesachim Daf 036

-Can matza be from maaser sheni or not? Opinions of Rebbi Yossi Haglili and Rebbi Akiva.

-What is the status of Matza Ashira? 3 opinions: Rabban Gamliel, Chachamim nd Rebbi Akiva. -Mixing menachot with warm water while that is not permissible for matza – why?

-Can Matza be made from bekurim? Opinions of Rebbi Yossi Haglili and Rebbi Akiva. Why is their reasoning different here than for maaser sheni.

-An onen can eat trumah but not maaser sheni what about bekurim? -Defining 讞诇讜讟 讜讗砖讬砖讛

Teachers: Susan Suna and Dena Rock


Alon Shvut Women's Daf Yomi

The Alon Shvut women's daf yomi group generally meets daily at 8:15 am. Now due to the limits on in person meetings, we moved our shiur to zoom and invite the community of women to join us. If you are interested in receiving the zoom link to the shiur, please send an email to
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