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Onen and Others

Daf 92

The status of an Onen and when he can bring the korban. The daf goes on to discuss the status of other people and investigates when bringing the Pesach over rides a Rabbinic prohibition and when not.

We move on to the 9th perek and discuss what it means to be far away and its relationship to the one who is impure as the two are combined when we discuss those that don’t need to bring the Pesach korban.

Teachers: Susan Suna and Dena Rock

Alon Shvut Women's Daf Yomi

The Alon Shvut women's daf yomi group generally meets daily at 8:15 am. Now due to the limits on in person meetings, we moved our shiur to zoom and invite the community of women to join us. If you are interested in receiving the zoom link to the shiur, please send an email to
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