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Chanuka Sugiyot

In discussing what oils one may use for lighting Shabbat candles, Masechet Shabbat, dapim聽21-24 discuss all aspects of the holiday of Chanuka, including candle lighting, special prayers, and a discussion of the miracle itself.聽

For Chanuka learning options in Hebrew, click here.


Learn Dapim 21-24 here:

Shabbat 21

Shabbat 22

Shabbat 23

Shabbat 24

Also, see Talking Talmud by聽Anne Gordon & Yardaena Osband



For Chanuka learning options in Hebrew, click here.


Happy Chanuka!

-❤️ The Hadran Team

Michelle Cohen Farber

Rabbanit Michelle Cohen Farber is the founder and program director of Hadran: Advancing Talmud Study for Women and Daf Yomi for Women, the first woman's online shiur on the daf yomi. Michelle spearheaded the first international Siyum HaShas for Women, which took place in January. Michelle studied Talmud at Bar Ilan and in Midreshet Lindenbaum's scholar's program. She has taught Gemara and Halacha in Pelech Jerusalem, Midreshet Lindenbaum and Matan HaSharon. Michelle and her husband, Seth, founded and lead Kehillat Netivot in Ra'anana where they live with their five children.
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