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Coerced Tzedaka – Gefet

Gefet: Gemara, Perushim and Tosfot

An in-depth (Iyun) Gemara shiur with Rabbanit Yael Shimoni and Shalhevet Schwartz (Episode 84)

Should a society enforce tzedakah? Is it beit din’s responsibility to ensure, even if they have to resort to force, that citizens give charity?

Tosafot on our sugya addresses this question, and through their answer, we can take a broader look at the sugyot pertaining to tzedakah that we’re about to encounter and better understand what those sugyot are doing here, in Masechet Bava Batra.

Bava Batra 8

Gefet with Rabbanit Yael Shimoni and Shalhevet Schwartz is in collaboration with Yeshivat Drisha

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Shalhevet Schwartz

Shalhevet Schwartz studies at Yeshivat Drisha in Kfar Etzion. She also works as an Editorial Associate at Sefaria. Before arriving at Drisha, Shalhevet served as a Research and Program Coordinator at Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, where she focused on supporting the work of the Kogod Research Center, the Institute鈥檚 think tank. She received her BA from Yale University, where she graduated in 2021 with a degree in philosophy, and has also learned at Migdal Oz. Shalhevet has spent several summers working in experiential Jewish education at Camp Stone, most recently in the roles of Rosh Moshava (Head Counselor) and Rosh Beit Midrash, and last year taught a weekly Gemara shiur at Columbia University Hillel.
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