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May 28, 2022 | כ״ז באייר תשפ״ב | TODAY'S DAF: Yevamot 82 - Shabbat May 28

Hadran’s Siyum Masechet Megillah

Welcome to Hadran’s Siyum Masechet Megillah
The Last Daf with Rabbanit Michelle Farber
“What’s Wrong With Holy Objects?” with Rabbanit Gilla Rosen
Meet the learner: Elianna Kulak

Hadran’s Siyum Megillah took place on Sunday January 16th.

Completing the masechet?
Click here for the Siyum Masechet ceremony text (Megillah) said by all those completing the masechet.

Watch the full Siyum event:

Here is the link to our new Facebook page.

Mazal tov to all those completing Masechet Megillah and יישר כוח!

Watch the Siyum in parts:

What’s Wrong With Holy Objects?

A High School Daf Yomi Initiative

Hadran Women

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