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Hadran’s Siyum Masechet Yoma – Full Live Recording

The Siyum of Masechet Yoma is dedicated by Esti Ben-David and Rachel Keren โ€“ neรฉs Urbach “In memory of our parents who opened the gates of Torah for us and guided us through them. In memory of our late Father, Ephraim Elimelech Urbach zโ€l, whose 30th Yahrzeit we have just commemorated. During his lifetime, our father never stopped learning and teaching generations of students. Through his research, he developed new, extensive and diverse fields of learning and research, as testified by his numerous books and academic papers: The Sages โ€“ Concepts and Beliefs, The Tosafists (Baalei HaTosafot), The Halakha โ€“ Its Sources and Developments, Arugat Haโ€™Bosem and many others. And in honor of our dear mother, Channa Urbach, may she live a long life, who is currently celebrating her 103rd birthday (til 120!) and who has been throughout her life a model for all her descendants of the love of the Torah, its study and practice.”


The program:

The Last Daf- with Rabbanit Michelle Farber, Hadran founder and teacher of Daf Yomi for Women.

Where in the world is the Avoda? top 5 locations to see the action on Yom Kippur with Shulie Mishkin, Israel tour guide specialized in Jewish heritage and writer of Hadran’s “Flashback”.

Teshuva, Avodah and Option B – with Tanya White, international lecturer, writer and educator with a focus on Tanach and Contemporary Jewish Thought.


Also featuring speakers from the Hadran community:
Reena Basser, Ph.D. – of Toronto and Brooklyn, NY
Vicky Harari RN., MS- of Brooklyn, NY

Hadranโ€™s Siyum Yoma took place on Sunday July 11th 2021.


Where in the world is the Avoda? top 5 locations to see the action on Yom Kippur with Shulie Mishkin


Teshuva, Avodah and Option B – with Tanya White


Mazal tov to all those completing Masechet Yoma and ื™ื™ืฉืจ ื›ื•ื—!

Michelle Cohen Farber

Rabbanit Michelle Cohen Farber is the founder and program director of Hadran: Advancing Talmud Study for Women and Daf Yomi for Women, the first woman's online shiur on the daf yomi. Michelle spearheaded the first international Siyum HaShas for Women, which took place in January. Michelle studied Talmud at Bar Ilan and in Midreshet Lindenbaum's scholar's program. She has taught Gemara and Halacha in Pelech Jerusalem, Midreshet Lindenbaum and Matan HaSharon. Michelle and her husband, Seth, founded and lead Kehillat Netivot in Ra'anana where they live with their five children.
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