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Pesachim Daf 057

Continuing issues with people giving Pea’h from vegetables and one person who tried to stop this practice in a kind and compassionate way. The discussion moves on to what happened with the skins of the sacrifices and issues with people using their strength to take more than they should have. The resulting decision for all skins to be Hekdesh.

And how the Beit Hamkidash was thereby beautified with gold. The gemara goes on to discuss other cases of bullies – this time in Yericho and the result of the people being makdish their trees which the bullies were taking. Moving on to the unfortunate situation of 讻讛谞讬 讙讚讜诇 that were not steller individuals and their family control of the mikdash.

Moving on to 4 cases – 2 positive and 2 negative of 讻讛谞讬 讙讚讜诇 And this is how we end the Perek.

Food for thought regarding how we should act as representatives of Hashem.

Teachers: Susan Suna and Dena Rock with significant input from Shulie Miskin

Alon Shvut Women's Daf Yomi

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