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Since I Could Say

Yoma Daf 63 –

Today we analyze Rav Hisda’s position as to when one is liable for [שחוטי חוץ] slaughtering the two Yom Kippur goats outside of the Mikdash. Rav Hisda utilizes the halachic construct of הואיל to posit that one would be liable before the lottery; as even though at this point the goat for Hashem could not be sacrificed in the Mikdash as it is lacking that action of the lottery, the goats are worthy to be the Korban Chatat of Musaf.  

The Gemara questions whether Rav Hisda rules according to the principles of הואיל as he does not do so by the Korban Pesach. By Pesach there is an additional issue of  [עקירת שם] removing the name of Pesach from the Korban thereby changing its status from a Pesach to a Shlamim. This leads to a discussion as to where one can change the name of a korban.  Is that only possible in the Mikdash or can that happen outside as well?  

Amud bet focuses on the scapegoat, questioning if it has the same requirements as an animal sacrificed on the altar or not. Opinions are presented with a focus on the Pesukim. We learn that אשה  in Vayikra 22:27 excludes the scapegoat while  ‘ לה includes him in the requirement to be at least eight days old. Vayikra 22:22 excludes a blemished animal from being brought as a sacrifice on the altar ואשה לא תתן מהם. How do I know to include the scapegoat? There too it states  ‘ לה to include the scapegoat in the requirement to be unblemished. 

Teachers: Susan Suna and Dena Rock


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