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Impurity and Korbanot

Today’s daf  78 looks at who is the author of our mishna. And the questions regarding impurity being

הותר או דחוי are raised as is the role of the ציץ and the different opinions of  what it works to appease – is it only the blood, or also that which goes on the alter and the meat the is eaten by people.

Also the concept of if there is no meat is the blood sprinkled on the alter. We have a double dispute with Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Yehoshua and Rabbi Yossi. We then start a new mishna on amud b’ and discuss when the blood is sprinkled if that which goes on the alter or that which is eaten is impure. We look at a dispute between Rav and Rebbi Natan and then include the Rabanan and see how they line up with Rebbi Natan. The Gemara introduces at the end of the discussion a suggestion of how our mishna lines up with Rebbii Yehoshua.

Teachers: Susan Suna and Dena Rock

Alon Shvut Women's Daf Yomi

The Alon Shvut women's daf yomi group generally meets daily at 8:15 am. Now due to the limits on in person meetings, we moved our shiur to zoom and invite the community of women to join us. If you are interested in receiving the zoom link to the shiur, please send an email to
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