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Is To Not Eat To Not Benefit?

Daf 22

We are continuing with the dispute between Chizkiya and Rabbi Abahu regarding whether the prohibition of eating includes the prohibition  of benefits or not. Chizkiyah says that only לא יאכל includes both a prohibition for eating and other benefits. Any other term only relates to a prohibition of eating.

Rabbi Abahu states that regardless of the way the prohibition is written it includes both food and other benefits unless there is a clear statement stating the certain benefit is permitted such as giving an animal that died without shechting to a ger (devarim 14, 21).

We examine on daf 22 Rabbi Abahu first to see if his theory stands. We look at the following cases.

  • גיד הנשה – tendon
  • blood

The daf on amud b – brings in Chizkiyah and tests his hypothesis as well as Rabbi Abahu with the following cases

  • אבר מן החי – a limb from a live animal
  • שור הנסקל – a bull sentenced to death
  • ערלה – fruit within the first 3 years

Teachers: Susan Suna and Dena Rock


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