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Ketubot 109: She Should Wait for Him until Her Hair Turns White

More mishnayot, with the statements of Admon: When one promises a dowry, but goes bankrupt and can’t provide it, the son-in-law can’t be forced to marry the daughter. But Admon acknowledges that the daughter is stuck in a bind. But does the halakhah follow Admon? Also, another complex mishnah, as Admon’s decision on the case makes clear – when one contests the ownership of a field, even though he has signed on the bill of sale to someone else. How can he still legitimately claim that it’s his field? Plus, a distinction between witnesses and judges in their capacity as notaries. And lastly, a third mishnah: When one is overseas, and the path to that person’s field is lost – because of needing to go through other fields to get there, and he’s been gone long enough… How does he reestablish a path to his field? Either he’s entitled to make the most direct path, or he needs to pay the other owner(s) to be able to make the path again.

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