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Ketubot 110: Forcing Your Family to Make Aliyah

A long daf, with some mishnayot, and a few key points from the Gemara. First mishnah: Another Admon statement, regarding people in conflict with promissory notes and bills of sale that seem to contradict. Do the dates of the transactions make the difference? Mishnah 2 (and the last of the Admon statement mishnayot) – the case of 2 people with IOUs for each other. But how can it be that one who is owed money would borrow money from the person who owes him? Mishnah 3: 3 areas of land where people lived in the Land of Israel (Galil, Transjordan, and Judah) – and one spouse cannot force the other to move to a different region. Mishnah 4: A spouse CAN force the family to move to the Land of Israel from the Diaspora. And likewise from Israel to Jerusalem, establishing the “kedushah” element in this decision, as well as the question whether there’s an actual mitzvah to live in Israel. Plus other locations with halakhic distinctions – specifically, Cappadocia – specifically, how the currency value may make a difference for marriage and divorces that take place with Israel and [Where’s Where: Cappadocia]. Which leads I to the discussion about the ketubah being rabbinic or a Torah obligation, with apparent practical implications for this particular case.

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Anne and Yardaena

Anne Gordon is the deputy editor of Ops & Blogs at The Times of Israel. She is a veteran educator, having taught in high school and post-high school institutions in Israel and America for several decades. Yardaena Osband is a pediatrician and teaches in her community and online. They both hail from Boston, proud alumna of Maimonides School, where they first learned Gemara. Talking Talmud is their conversation (via podcast) on the daf yomi. They say: "Learning the daf? We have something for you to think about. Not learning the daf? We have something for you to think about! (Along with a taste of the daf...) Join the conversation with us!"
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