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Linen, Wool, Shatnez, and Spinning

Today鈥檚 daf had some interesting issues about linen, wool and other fibers.. And nowadays there are even more fibers from trees than existed in the Bible鈥or example, bamboo, tencel and viscose which come from the pulp of trees.

I am attaching a link about shatnez which I think is interesting.

Note that there are two essential hand tools used for spinning flax or wool鈥

a distaff (pelech)聽驻诇讱

and a spindle (kishor)聽讻讬砖讜专

No doubt you recognize these words from 鈥淓ishet Chayil鈥

讬指汁讚侄讬讛指 砖讈执诇旨职讞指郑讛 讘址讻旨执讬砖讈謶讜止专 讜职譂讻址驻旨侄謼讬讛指 转旨指郑诪职讻讜旨 驻指纸诇侄讱职變


Here is a basic demonstration of the distaff and spindle, and very likely all women and girls in ancient times knew how to do this.

Finally, apropos linen, wool, and getting out of Egypt (Passover is here) this is one of my favorite ancient pictures from the 12th聽Dynasty Tomb at Beni Hassan, Egypt (approximately 1900 BCE).聽 In this painting, Canaanite traders are depicted coming to Egypt.聽 The Egyptians are dressed in white linen and the Canaanites in beautiful colored wool.

Julie Mendelsohn

Julie Bloch Mendelsohn made aliyah with her family in 2009. Julie has a law degree, a Master of Public Health, has studied several foreign languages, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in archaeology. Julie dyes, spins, and weaves her own yarn and textiles. She loves to learn Daf Yomi and is interested in topics relating to Jewish law and ancient materials and crafts, ancient languages, and history.
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