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#MegillahChallenge: Learning for Purim

*Queen Esther’s Personality* – a Purim Shiur with Rabbanit Hamutal Shoval Followed by a siyum of Hadran鈥檚 #MegillahChallenge.

Discover Masechet Megillah in our #MegillahChallenge
where we will learn together, women of all ages and backgrounds, in honor of Purim.
Starting on Sunday, February 11th

Megillah is beginner-friendly and has 31 pages, so by learning one page a day we’ll finish in聽time聽for聽Purim.

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Over 1000 women have registered for Hadran’s #MegillahChallenge in English and Hebrew!

If you have just joined, here’s what you missed:

Introductory shorts playlist:


Masechet Megillah focuses on the laws of Purim, Torah reading, and synagogue etiquette, as well as analyzing the story of Esther in the Megillah

A few important points before we begin:

What if this is my first time learning Talmud?
Worry not! Rabbanit Michelle Farber’s shiurim are detailed and well-explained.
At first, you may not understand all the details, which is ok. We are here to learn an overview of the daf. It is a different style of learning that may be different than anything you’ve experienced.

Do I need my own Talmud?
No. The necessary text accompanies the shiur. But if you have one we recommend you use it to follow along.

What happens if I miss one day?
No worries! You can make it up the next day or over the weekend.

How long are the shiurim?
About the length of an average Netflix show, 45 minutes. (You will have the option to speed it up.)

The first shiur:

Megillah 2

For all the shiurim of Masechet Megillah聽


An introduction video:



Hadran Women

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