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Pesachim 61: The Challenge of Inclusion

Offering the Korban Pesach with intent for those who are not registered to eat it, or who are not eligible to eat it would disqualify the sacrifice. Unless some of the people who are part of that intent can eat, at least or the mishnah. The question of a mixed crowd – valid and not valid to eat the Korban Pesach – complicates matters, but salvages the karbanot. Also: The Gemara cites a passage from the Tosefta of a parallel case to the mishnah, wherein the kohen’s intent was for the wrong group. As well as bringing the biblical verses that recognize the expanding groups that are possible for the Korban Pesach. What if those who are not eligible to eat from the Korban Pesach were included by intending them to do “zerikat ha-dam” – the sprinkling of the blood on the altar? Well, that’s a fine machloket between Rabbah and R. Hisda. Perhaps it is not resolved (at least thus far) because it remains theoretical.


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Anne and Yardaena

Anne Gordon is the deputy editor of Ops & Blogs at The Times of Israel. She is a veteran educator, having taught in high school and post-high school institutions in Israel and America for several decades. Yardaena Osband is a pediatrician and teaches in her community and online. They both hail from Boston, proud alumna of Maimonides School, where they first learned Gemara. Talking Talmud is their conversation (via podcast) on the daf yomi. They say: "Learning the daf? We have something for you to think about. Not learning the daf? We have something for you to think about! (Along with a taste of the daf...) Join the conversation with us!"
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