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Rooftops and Courtyards

Eruvin Daf 92

We start the daf trying to understand Rav’s opinion. We move on to the status of courtyards where there is a חורבה in between one side made an eruv and the other didn’t. We look at both suggestions whether carrying to the חורבה is permitted or not permitted. We are left without a conclusion and move on to discuss a larger and smaller roof which is similar to a large and small courtyard. We bring in issues that are effected by this type of area outside of the issue of eruv and that includes: growing of a grape vine, throwing a גט into the woman’s property, excrement in that area and praying.

Abayee brings in a suggestion that at times having a מחיצה creates more issues then not having one.  This suggestion is refuted by saying there are situations that change an items status from being a מחיצה to one that is not a מחיצה.

Teacher: Tamara Spitz


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