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Separating for 7 days

Yoma Daf 08

Discussion between Rebbi Yossi and Rebbi Meir – טבילה בזמנה

Learning out from someone having שם השם written on arm and how to טובל in that situation

Kohen who burns פרה אדומה we make sure that he has הזאה every day even though not needed.

But we make him טמא שרץ to make sure that he is not a צדוקי

Opinion Rebbi Chanina Sgan Hakohanim אין בין כהן גדול וכהן שעושה עבודת פרה אדומה – pointing out difference

Proof against Rebbi Chanina Sgan Hakohanim Amud b הזאה שבות ולא דוחה שבת.

Understanding Shabbat and the 4th day skipped.

לשכת פרהדרין How it got its name and what it was called

before Chachamin asked Bakers to take off תרומת מעשר וחלה Because the people they saw took Trumah

and מעשר עני ומעשר – in the status of המוציא מחבירו עליו הראיה

The reason bakeres didn’t have to bring מעשר שני

Teacher: Tamara Spitz

Alon Shvut Women's Daf Yomi

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