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Shabbat 130: Peacock Parmesan

A mohel who needs to perform a circumcision on Shabbat should make sure his tools are at the site of the brit from before Shabbat. If he has to bring the tools with him on Shabbat, he makes sure they’re visible, so everyone know what he’s carrying. But why visible? And what if the era involves oppression of Jews, where “visible” is not a good idea? Rabbi Akiva’s rule: that which can be done before Shabbat cannot be done on Shabbat. Also: Eating poultry with milk. Including peacock. R. Yehudah HaNasi explains why that practice was tolerated there. Note the value of the “da’at yachid,” the solitary opinion. Also: Keeping the mitzvot with joy, despite the given that there will be some conflict (as per marriage). And: More on those brit milah tools, and a look at the arena through which why were to be carried.


PLUS: The links to the peacock articles.

The OU’s article on the kashrut of peacocks.

And Chabad’s take.


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