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Shmuel vs Rav

Eruvin Daf 49 Regarding the case where their are 3 courtyards and alleyways between them – the Gemara looks at how they made their eruv and what works according to Shmuel. Today’s daf – first amud brings in the opinion of Shmuel and supports for his opinion (after we ended daf 48 with Rav’s opinion – both being brought by their student Rav Yehuda). Included is a case where the gemara states 讻讜驻讬谉 注诇 诪讬讚转 住讚讜诐 – where one is forced to agree in a situation where the other benefits and he does not have a loss. The gemara continues with other eruv situations and this piece of the disagreement between Rav and Shmuel ends at the top of amud b – with the halacha being according to Rav’s understanding of Rebbi Shimon’s statement in the mishna. We then have another mishna that discusses the fundamentals of eruv that it is with one’s feet as well as how one can set their eruv.

Teachers: Susan Suna and Dena Rock

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