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Situations of Doubt

Pesachim Daf 009

Great daf with a lot of important topics

1. A חולדה drags chametz into the house – issues and the funniest line in shas. כי חולדה נביאה היא?

2. The issue of when you have a ספק וודאי / ספק וספק / ודאי וודאי how do you reach a halachic conclusion

3. the nine kosher stores and one not kosher store. In the case where you made a purchase and in the case where you find meat on the floor outside the stores – what do you do? כמחצה ומחצה דמי = קבוע נמצא = מרובה על הפרוש

4. Daf end with two containers one of Trumah and one of Chulin – and food items outside – how can you know that the Trumah went into the Trumah and the chulin into the chulin container.

Teacher: Tamara Spitz


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