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Sotah, Kedusha and Communal Healing

From Hadran鈥檚 Siyum Masechet Sotah

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Watch the full siyum:

Hadran’s Siyum Masechet Sotah


Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz

Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz is the chair of the Tanakh department at the SAR High School, and is the founding director of Makom B'Siach at SAR, an immersive adult education program for parents. She has taught Bible for the Wexner Heritage program, and she is also an adjunct faculty member of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, where she teaches the Pedagogy of Tanakh. She is a graduate of the Drisha Institute's Scholars Circle, and completed her PhD in Midrash at the University of Pennsylvania in 2011 as a Wexner Graduate fellow. Tammy is currently at work on a parsha book, geared towards parents reading to young children.
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