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Squaring off the City

Moadiim L’simcha

Eruvin Daf 56

Starting off with the benefit of vegetables or lack there of and the difficulty in living in a city with steep inclines we move on to squaring off the city by the constallations or based on the seasons using the arc of the sun. We take a look of the placement of the sun during the seasons and end the first amud with Shmuel’s statement regarding the length of the seasons and what is the effect when he season starts under Jupiter. Amud b. discusses adding the 2000 讗诪讗 around the city as well as around the city of leviim. There are numerous mathematical equations to figure out what and how to add the 2000 讗诪讛 and the corners. I recommend that you look at the sourcesheet from Daf Hachaim.

Teachers: Susan Suna and Dena Rock

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