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Daf 28 – Yoma

We end the second perek of Yoma trying to answer Rebbi Zeira’s question on Rav Yochanan’s statement that a non-kohen who sets up the wood on the altar is liable for מיתה בידי שמים.  This is a second phrasing of the question that was analyzed on the previous daf and the questions we are still grappling with are: which avodah is considered first in a series, which is the final one of a series, which has a payis (a lottery), for which is a non-cohen punished with death and which can be corrected if necessary. הדרן עלך בראשונה

The third perek begins with the Kohen tasked with announcing the time for the  morning Korban Tamid. There are a number of opinions of what he said and saw, two of which  mention seeing light as far as Hebron – the city of our avot (forefathers). The discussion  then moves from the Mikdash to a focus on Avraham Avinu how he knew when it was time to daven mincha, proof texts that he kept both the oral and written law with additional proof texts that all of the avot learned in yeshiva. The connection that begins between the Mikdash and Hebron expands to include the rich traditions from Avraham Avinu through the time of the Mikdash all the way to the tannaim and amoraim on the daf who learn in yeshiva and to all those who continue to study Torah today.

With our connection to both the Avot and Mikdash highlighted, the daf returns to describe the ceremonial procedure announcing the time for the morning Tamid and to explain the mishna’s statement of how it came to be that once the light of the moon was confused for the light of the sun. 

 Teachers: Susan Suna ans Dena Rock


Alon Shvut Women's Daf Yomi

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