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Siyum Masechet Eruvin by Hadran

Welcome to Hadran鈥檚 Siyum Masechet Eruvin



  • The Last Daf – Rabbanit Michelle Farber
  • Eruv on the Ground- Rabbanit Dasi Fruchter, founder and spiritual leader of the South Philadelphia Shtiebel.
  • Eruvin Insights- Rabbanit Yael Shimoni, assistant Rosh Yeshiva, and Ram”it at Drisha
  • Hear From the Community – personal insights and experiences from:
    Amy Cohn- an architect from Jerusalem and head of Hadran’s Jerusalem community.
    Luz Toff- co-head of Hadran’s London community.
    Ann Levenson- head of her local Chicago Eruv committee


Hadran鈥檚 Siyum Masechet Eruvin took place on November 22nd 2020.


Completing the masechet?
Click here聽for the聽Siyum Masechet ceremony text (Eruvin)聽said by all those completing the masechet.



Eruv on the GroundRabbanit Dasi Fruchter



Thank you to over 1000 participants who joined us on zoom and facebook on the Hebrew and English Siyums!聽


Mazal tov to all those completing Masechet Eruvin and 讬讬砖专 讻讜讞!

Hadran Women

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