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How to Submit your Hadran Tapestry Entry

Click here to submit your info.

What is the Hadran Tapestry?

In honor of Siyum Seder Moed, Hadran is creating a virtual Tapestry of Learning, featuring women who are part of the Daf Yomi Journey. Whether you started in January 2020, before then, or joined just now, you are welcome to be part of this tapestry.

**A set of Schottenstein Yevamot (3 Volumes) will be raffled among those who submit by Sunday, February 27th!**

How do I take part?

To participate in the Tapestry, please fill in this form. But first, you will need to prepare a few things before you start.


  • A picture of yourself
  • Optional but encouraged: A short video (up to 45 seconds) filmed horizontally.

The video:

The video can be:

  1. A brief explanation of a Talmud quote you love, and why you love it. Or:
  2. A brief story of your Talmud journey

*See sample videos below.
**The best videos will be featured in a short clip at the Siyum!

Note: it is best to fill in the form from a computer. It will be easier to upload your picture and video.


Ready to leave your historical mark?!

Click here to submit your info.


Sample Videos:



Maggie Sandler

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