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To Pasken Halacha in Front of Your Rav

Eruvin Daf 63

In today’s daf we learn the rulings regarding when and where a student can pasken Halacha while his Rav is still alive or in his town.  We learn the concept of a תלמיד חבר a student who is also a colleague. This daf which seems deceptively straightforward generates a lot of discussion among the Rishonim.

One of the stories on the daf that stands out for me and which I have not yet resolved is that of Ravina and Rav Ashi towards the top of the Daf. Rav Ashi asks Ravina why he paskened halacha in Bavel – although it was not Rav Ashi’s town. Ravina offers a defense citing another case that we did at the top of the daf. He then concludes that he is a  תלמיד חבר of Rav Ashi. And there the story ends until we meet them both a few lines down in a different situation. My questions on the story  are:

  • Did Rav Ashi think of Ravina as a תלמיד חבר or as a bonafide student who did not have this status?
  • Did Rav Ashi not know this halacha?
  • Who decides what the relationship is? The teacher or the student? Or is it a joint decision – which it does not seem so from this story.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Teachers: Susan Suna and Dena Rock

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