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We Are All Individuals!

It’s the final stretch of Berakhot — now’s the time to catch up if you are behind and still want to!

Now, to our daf: In which our title for today’s episode turns the Monty Python skit on its head — because the daf really is about how each individual contributes to the entirety of the human populace, no matter one’s strengths, weaknesses. We are all individuals in our capacity to make a difference, and so on. And Monty Python, of course, is mocking group-think.

Note too that the story of Rav Sheshet on this daf attests to the impressive capacity of human beings to compensate — not to detract from Rav Sheshet’s superlative abilities, but the fact that when one faculty is impaired, others develop to enhance our functioning in the world, despite the impairment. To wit, if you never encounter a passage of Talmud that explicitly mentions that Rav Sheshet is blind (as here), the odds are high that you would never know.


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Anne and Yardaena

Anne Gordon is the deputy editor of Ops & Blogs at The Times of Israel. She is a veteran educator, having taught in high school and post-high school institutions in Israel and America for several decades. Yardaena Osband is a pediatrician and teaches in her community and online. They both hail from Boston, proud alumna of Maimonides School, where they first learned Gemara. Talking Talmud is their conversation (via podcast) on the daf yomi. They say: "Learning the daf? We have something for you to think about. Not learning the daf? We have something for you to think about! (Along with a taste of the daf...) Join the conversation with us!"
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