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September 20, 2021 | י״ד בתשרי תשפ״ב | TODAY'S DAF: Beitzah 21 - First Day of Sukkot, September 21

Weaving demonstration


Here is a short demonstration of weaving. I wanted to show you how threads become cloth.  Weaving is generally a two handed operation but I had my phone in one hand, so I was essentially weaving with one.  It’s not a very efficient process, however, and makes the cloth uneven.  This reminded me that my cousin Chana Lockshin Bob once asked me whether a woman needs one or two hands for weaving based on the following story from Masechet Gittin 34a. (text taken from

גידול בר רעילאי שדר לה גיטא לדביתהו אזל שליחא אשכחה דהוה יתבה ונוולה אמר לה הא גיטיך אמרה ליה זיל השתא מיהא ותא למחר אזל לגביה וא”ל פתח ואמר ברוך הטוב והמטיב

§ The Gemara relates: A man named Giddul bar Re’ilai sent a bill of divorce to his wife. The agent went and found that she was sitting and weaving [navla]. He said to her: This is your bill of divorce. She said to him: At least go away from here now and come tomorrow to give me the bill of divorce. The agent went to Giddul bar Re’ilai and told him what had occurred. Giddul bar Re’ilai opened his mouth and said: Blessed is He Who is good and does good, as he was happy that the bill of divorce was not delivered.

So as you can see, two handed weaving is recommended for many reasons!

Julie Mendelsohn

Julie Bloch Mendelsohn made aliyah with her family in 2009. Julie has a law degree, a Master of Public Health, has studied several foreign languages, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in archaeology. Julie dyes, spins, and weaves her own yarn and textiles. She loves to learn Daf Yomi and is interested in topics relating to Jewish law and ancient materials and crafts, ancient languages, and history.
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