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What’s Wrong With Holy Objects?

โ€œWhat’s Wrong With Holy Objects?โ€ย  from Hadran’s Siyum Masechet Megillah

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Rabbanit Gilla Rosen

Rabbanit Gilla Rosen is the dean emerita of the Yakar Center for Tradition and Creativity. She teaches Gemara, Midrash and Tefilla and serves as a Nishmat Halachic Advisor for women. She has lectured at a number of institutions, including Yakar, Nishmat, Pardes, Lindenbaum and Hebrew University. Gilla has an MA in Comparative Literary Studies and studied Gemara with Rav Lichtenstein, Rav Nachum Rabonowitz and at Matan. Gilla is an engaging and multidimensional teacher, best known for her outstanding ability as a Talmud teacher.
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