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Who is the Author of our Mishna?

Pesachim Daf 029

Who is the author of our mishna on daf 28? We discussed 3 options. And today we look at an analysis of Rav Acha Bar Yaacov’s understanding Rebbi Yehudah and of Rava’s understanding of Rebbi Shimon. From there we analyze how we know that Rav Acha Bar Yaacov changed his opinion and we bring a 讘专讬讬转讗 with 5 answers to whether or not one who eats 讛拽讚砖 讞诪抓 讘驻住讞 诪注诇 The 4th answer to this question indicates Rav Acha Bar Yaacov’s change of mind.

The Gemera then goes on to discuss a mixture – mixing a prohibited item such as chametz with a food item that is the same type or a different type. Cases and opinions by: Rebbi Yehudah, Rebbi Shimon, Rav and Shmuel, Rebbi Yochanan and Rish Lakish.

Teachers: Susan Suna and Dena Rock


Alon Shvut Women's Daf Yomi

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