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Meet the Author

Anne Gordon and Yardaena Osband

Anne Gordon is the deputy editor of Ops & Blogs at The Times of Israel. She is a veteran educator, having taught in high school and post-high school institutions in Israel and America for several decades.
Yardaena Osband is a pediatrician and teaches in her community and online. They both hail from Boston, proud alumna of Maimonides School, where they first learned Gemara.
Talking Talmud is their conversation (via podcast) on the daf yomi. They say: "Learning the daf? We have something for you to think about. Not learning the daf? We have something for you to think about! (Along with a taste of the daf...)
Join the conversation with us!"

Recent Posts

Pesachim 22: Do You Have Any… Filet Mignon?

By Anne and Yardaena / December 13, 2020 | כ״ז בכסלו תשפ״א

On R. Abahu’s position that every prohibition against eating that is in the Torah carries with it a prohibition against getting benefit from that same…

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Pesachim 21: Chametz Liability

By Anne and Yardaena / December 12, 2020 | כ״ו בכסלו תשפ״א

Anytime that you are allowed to eat chametz, you’re also allowed to get benefit from it in a variety of ways (or all ways). What…

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Pesachim 20: Sprinkling Wine Is a Thing

By Anne and Yardaena / December 11, 2020 | כ״ה בכסלו תשפ״א

The case of the needle in the cow. Which brings us to imposing limitations on the case, and establishing the principles of what is susceptible…

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Pesachim 19: Pure Spit

By Anne and Yardaena / December 10, 2020 | כ״ד בכסלו תשפ״א

What levels of tumah for which kinds of foods (consecrated, terumah, chullin)? And what happens to kadosh (consecrated) items that come in content with impurity?…

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Pesachim 18: Back to the Leviticus Source: Text vs. Logic

By Anne and Yardaena / December 9, 2020 | כ״ג בכסלו תשפ״א

More on the 7 Machshirim – mnemonics. Now, the biblical verses on this Impurity, which support the discussion of the daf. And to what extent…

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Pesachim 17: Inside Outside

By Anne and Yardaena / December 8, 2020 | כ״ב בכסלו תשפ״א

What’s What: The 7 (!) Liquids of Machshirim. More on impurity…. Continuing the discussion of whether the liquids in the slaughter house in the Beit…

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Pesachim 16: Liquid Pure

By Anne and Yardaena / December 7, 2020 | כ״א בכסלו תשפ״א

Impurity, now in the context of liquid. All of which, in the slaughtering part of the Beit HaMikdash, were pure. But is that because they…

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Pesachim 15: Purity vs. Impurity – It’s Just a Status

By Anne and Yardaena / December 6, 2020 | כ׳ בכסלו תשפ״א

One of the less practical elements of the Talmud, in lining up opinions that have already been authorized… Specifically R. Meir, in this case. Also,…

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Pesachim 14: Entering the World of Tumah and Taharah

By Anne and Yardaena / December 5, 2020 | י״ט בכסלו תשפ״א

The sugya of R. Hanina S’gan ha-Kohanim. Basic principles of tumah and taharah – purity/impurity. Who’s Who: Hanina S’gan ha-Kohanim. And, almost a What’s What:…

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Pesachim 13: Why Eliyahu Won’t Show Up on Shabbat

By Anne and Yardaena / December 4, 2020 | י״ח בכסלו תשפ״א

Trying to make sense of the halakhah, and how it lines up with the disputants’ positions. Which brings us to a discussion of terumah (and…

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