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Julie Mendelsohn

Julie Bloch Mendelsohn made aliyah with her family in 2009. Julie has a law degree, a Master of Public Health, has studied several foreign languages, and is currently pursuing a master's degree in archaeology. Julie dyes, spins, and weaves her own yarn and textiles. She loves to learn Daf Yomi and is interested in topics relating to Jewish law and ancient materials and crafts, ancient languages, and history.

Recent Posts

Weaving Wisdom

Rabbis, Archaeologist and Linguists

By Julie Mendelsohn / April 28, 2020 | 讚壮 讘讗讬讬专 转砖状驻

In the Daf Yomi, we see many interesting discussions about ancient vessels and other types of furnishings and tools.聽 An excellent resource is the Israel…

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Linen, Wool, Shatnez, and Spinning

By Julie Mendelsohn / April 2, 2020 | 讞壮 讘谞讬住谉 转砖状驻

Today鈥檚 daf had some interesting issues about linen, wool and other fibers.. And nowadays there are even more fibers from trees than existed in the…

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Julie Mendelsohn

How Cloth is Made–the Ancient Way

By Julie Mendelsohn / April 1, 2020 | 讝壮 讘谞讬住谉 转砖状驻

The rabbis in the Gemara had a lot of familiarity with the ancient processes of making food and clothing.聽 We do not generally have this…

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