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Shulie Mishkin

Shulie Mishkin made Aliyah from New York with a Master's degree in Jewish History from Columbia University. After completing the Ministry of Tourism guide course in 1997, she began guiding professionally and has since taught and guided all ages, from toddlers to retirees. Her tours provide a complete picture of the land of Israel and Jewish heritage, with a strong reliance on sources ranging from the Bible to 19th century travelers' reports. Alongside her regular guide work, she teaches "tour and text" courses in the Jerusalem institutions of Pardes and Matan as wel as the Women's Bet Midrash in Efrat and provides tours for special needs students in the “Darkaynu” program. Shulie lives in Alon Shvut with her husband Jonathan and their five kids.

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Recent Posts

Time is Flowing Like a River

By Shulie Mishkin / December 1, 2020 | ט״ו בכסלו תשפ״א

Mishnah Pesachim 1:4-5 ”Rabbi Meir says: one may eat [chametz] the whole of the five [hours] and must burn [it] at the beginning of the…

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Start up nation by Shulie Mishkin

Start Up Nation

By Shulie Mishkin / November 23, 2020 | ז׳ בכסלו תשפ״א

One of the odd side effects of this pandemic has been an incredible interest in baking. Not just regular chocolate chip cookies though, but bread,…

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Key to Your Heart

By Shulie Mishkin / November 17, 2020 | א׳ בכסלו תשפ״א

The last chapter of a tractate often includes a roundup of all sorts of miscellaneous ideas. For my last post in Eruvin I am also…

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As a Sign on Your Hand

By Shulie Mishkin / November 11, 2020 | כ״ד במרחשון תשפ״א

The final chapter of Eruvin rounds up all sorts of interesting little pieces about carrying. It starts with a question that reveals more about what…

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The Traveling Ark

By Shulie Mishkin / November 2, 2020 | ט״ו במרחשון תשפ״א

“That incident, which occurred in Tzippori, when they relied on suspended partitions on land for Shabbat, on whose authority was it performed? It was done…

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The Staff of Life

By Shulie Mishkin / October 27, 2020 | ט׳ במרחשון תשפ״א

Eruvin 81 talks about what food you can use to make an eiruv. In essence, all food is acceptable but Rabbi Yehoshua emphasizes bread, and especially…

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Broken Tablets

By Shulie Mishkin / October 20, 2020 | ב׳ במרחשון תשפ״א

אָמַר רַב יוֹסֵף, תָּנֵי רַבִּי: הָיוּ שְׁלֹשָׁה — אֲסוּרִין אֲמַר לְהוּ רַב בִּיבִי: לָא תְּצִיתוּ לֵיהּ, אֲנָא אַמְרִיתַהּ נִיהֲלֵהּ, וּמִשְּׁמֵיהּ דְּרַב אַדָּא בַּר אַהֲבָה אַמְרִיתַהּ…

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Oh the places you’ll go

By Shulie Mishkin / October 12, 2020 | כ״ד בתשרי תשפ״א

A number of interesting geographical references have come up in the daf over the last few days. Last week we looked at Zedekiah’s Cave, on…

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By Shulie Mishkin / October 6, 2020 | י״ח בתשרי תשפ״א

“If a man spent Shabbat in  . . . a cave, even though it was like the cave of Zedekiah king of Judah, he may…

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Testing Boundaries

By Shulie Mishkin / September 27, 2020 | ט׳ בתשרי תשפ״א

The issue of techumin, one’s permitted amount of space on Shabbat, would not seem to be too connected to  Yom Kippur and repentance, unless you…

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