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July 29, 2021 | כ׳ באב תשפ״א | TODAY'S DAF: Sukkah 22


Shulie Mishkin

Shulie Mishkin made Aliyah from New York with a Master's degree in Jewish History from Columbia University. After completing the Ministry of Tourism guide course in 1997, she began guiding professionally and has since taught and guided all ages, from toddlers to retirees. Her tours provide a complete picture of the land of Israel and Jewish heritage, with a strong reliance on sources ranging from the Bible to 19th century travelers' reports. Alongside her regular guide work, she teaches "tour and text" courses in the Jerusalem institutions of Pardes and Matan as wel as the Women's Bet Midrash in Efrat and provides tours for special needs students in the “Darkaynu” program. Shulie lives in Alon Shvut with her husband Jonathan and their five kids.

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A Tale of Two Talmuds

By Shulie Mishkin / March 22, 2021 | ט׳ בניסן תשפ״א

Welcome to Shekalim! Shekalim is unusual among the tractates we are learning because the Gemara part is the Talmud Yerushalmi, not the Bavli we have…

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What Have We Lost?

By Shulie Mishkin / March 16, 2021 | ג׳ בניסן תשפ״א

The date is Nisan 71 CE. You are one of the lucky survivors of the Great Revolt and the horrific destruction that came in its…

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Lean on Me

By Shulie Mishkin / March 9, 2021 | כ״ה באדר תשפ״א

On today’s daf we return to the Mishnah’s statement that even a poor person should recline at the Seder. The discussion then continues and asks…

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A Bottle of Red, A Bottle of White

By Shulie Mishkin / March 2, 2021 | י״ח באדר תשפ״א

We have finally begun the long awaited tenth chapter of Pesachim. After learning about all the ways one could licitly and illicitly own hametz, how…

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When Israel Was In Egypt’s Land

By Shulie Mishkin / February 23, 2021 | י״א באדר תשפ״א

The Mishnah on our daf elaborates on the differences between Pesach Mitzraim and Pesach Dorot, the first Passover that was kept in Egypt and the…

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By the Rivers of Babylon

By Shulie Mishkin / February 15, 2021 | ג׳ באדר תשפ״א

“The Holy One, Blessed be He, knows the Jewish people, who are unable to withstand the harsh decrees of the Romans. Therefore, He exiled them…

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Second Chances

By Shulie Mishkin / February 8, 2021 | כ״ו בשבט תשפ״א

The Mishnah on daf 79 talks about a fascinating situation. If most of the community is ritually impure, the Passover sacrifice can be brought in…

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A Real Sacrifice

By Shulie Mishkin / February 2, 2021 | כ׳ בשבט תשפ״א

With the seventh chapter of Pesachim we finally hear about cooking the Passover sacrifice itself – we are getting closer to dinnertime! The conversations about…

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The Lost Generation

By Shulie Mishkin / January 26, 2021 | י״ג בשבט תשפ״א

Our Gemara begins with a most puzzling story. Erev Pesach fell out on Shabbat one year and the scholars of Jerusalem, the sons of Beteira,…

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In a Lod State of Mind

By Shulie Mishkin / January 20, 2021 | ז׳ בשבט תשפ״א

A side story on today’s daf seems to have a negative view of the city of Lod. The Gemara reports a conversation between Rabbi Simlai…

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