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מסכת פסחים

‘Two Verses That Come As One’ and Halachic State Change by Zoe Lang

By SiteAdmin / December 17, 2020 | ב׳ בטבת תשפ״א

‘Two Verses That Come As One’ and Halachic State Change The mishnah that opens the second chapter of Pesachim provides the timeframe during which one…

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Putting Ethics on the List by ellie gellman

Putting Ethics on the List -by Ellie Bach Gellman

By SiteAdmin / December 6, 2020 | כ׳ בכסלו תשפ״א

On Daf 13a the Gemara concludes a discussion of what to do with hametz that is still in your possession after the permitted time for…

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The Pilgrim Experience by Rina and Danny Yellin

By SiteAdmin / December 2, 2020 | ט״ז בכסלו תשפ״א

Pesachim 8b: ״שלוחי מצוה אינן ניזוקין, לא בהליכתן ולא בחזירתן״ “Those on the path to perform a mitzvah are not susceptible to harm; neither when…

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Pesachim Essentials

Pesachim Essentials- an Introduction by Gitta Neufeld

By SiteAdmin / November 25, 2020 | ט׳ בכסלו תשפ״א

Click here for the full Introduction to Masechet Pesachim Structure of Pesachim Follows a chronological sequence: Chapter 1 Requirement to search for chametz Requirement to…

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The Hidden Meaning of Darkness by Shoshana Baker

By SiteAdmin / November 24, 2020 | ח׳ בכסלו תשפ״א

The opening of Masechet Pesachim begins with the discussion of when one must search for Chametz by candlelight. The use of the word ״אור״ light…

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London Eruv

Real Life Eruv by Naomi Cohen

By SiteAdmin / November 23, 2020 | ז׳ בכסלו תשפ״א

L’ilui nishmat Pesach Nachman ben Tzvi Hirsh (Peter Olswang)   I was responsible for building our suburban Eruv (London) a few years ago, but it…

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Introduction to Eruvin – by Gitta Jaroslawicz-Neufeld

By SiteAdmin / August 13, 2020 | כ״ג באב תש״פ

Melacha is HOTZA’AH הוצאה: Transferring objects between private and public domain OR 4 amot in public domain.  Rabbis added decrees against transfer between private domains…

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time test

By SiteAdmin / January 28, 2020 | ב׳ בשבט תש״פ

testing the time

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By SiteAdmin / December 17, 2019 | י״ט בכסלו תש״פ
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