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Flashback: a look into the reality of the Talmud.

What was the time of the Talmud really like? How were the experiences different? Join Shulie Mishkin and delve into the realia of the daf, based on the archaeology and nature of the land of Israel.

Shulie Mishkin made Aliyah from New York with a Master’s degree in Jewish History from Columbia University. After completing the Ministry of Tourism guide course in 1997, she began guiding professionally and has since taught and guided all ages, from toddlers to retirees. Her tours provide a complete picture of the land of Israel and Jewish heritage, with a strong reliance on sources ranging from the Bible to 19th century travelers’ reports. Alongside her regular guide work, she teaches “tour and text” courses in the Jerusalem institutions of Pardes and Matan as wel as the Women’s Bet Midrash in Efrat and provides tours for special needs students in the 鈥淒arkaynu鈥 program. Shulie lives in Alon Shvut with her husband Jonathan and their five kids.

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Recent Posts

The Ball is in Your Court

By Shulie Mishkin / June 25, 2024 | 讬状讟 讘住讬讜谉 转砖驻状讚

The last of the Bavas has arrived! We have made it through laws about damages, lost and found items, loans and rentals and more. In…

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Wage Earner

By Shulie Mishkin / June 18, 2024 | 讬状讘 讘住讬讜谉 转砖驻状讚

Workers of the world, unite! Is this the slogan of the ninth chapter of Bava Metzia? Two Biblical principles are explicated in the second part…

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Destroyer or Delicacy?

By Shulie Mishkin / June 10, 2024 | 讚壮 讘住讬讜谉 转砖驻状讚

What if a plague destroyed a whole year鈥檚 worth of work in your garden? What if it destroyed not only all the food you grew…

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Paging Bet Pagi

By Shulie Mishkin / May 27, 2024 | 讬状讟 讘讗讬讬专 转砖驻状讚

Cities are dynamic entities that grow and shrink over time. This is very much the case in Jerusalem which has expanded and contracted many times…

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Fathers and Sons

By Shulie Mishkin / May 21, 2024 | 讬状讙 讘讗讬讬专 转砖驻状讚

Just in time for Lag BaOmer, our daf adventure brings us to the story of Rabbi Elazar. He was the son of the famous Rabbi…

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Over Hill and Dale

By Shulie Mishkin / May 13, 2024 | 讛壮 讘讗讬讬专 转砖驻状讚

Sometimes it鈥檚 all about the lay of the land, or as I often say, topography is destiny. An animal that has no trouble in the…

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Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be?

By Shulie Mishkin / May 6, 2024 | 讻状讞 讘谞讬住谉 转砖驻状讚

Who hasn鈥檛 heard of Shylock? He is perhaps the most famous Jew in all of English literature. His cruel attempt to exact a literal 鈥減ound…

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Rent Control

By Shulie Mishkin / April 30, 2024 | 讻状讘 讘谞讬住谉 转砖驻状讚

“One may increase rent, but one may not similarly increase the price of a sale. How so? If a courtyard owner rented his courtyard to…

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Voice of Moderation

By Shulie Mishkin / April 24, 2024 | 讟状讝 讘谞讬住谉 转砖驻状讚

One of the most famous stories in the Talmud is the story of the oven of Achnai, told on daf 59b of Bava Metzia. Much…

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Song of Solomon

By Shulie Mishkin / April 14, 2024 | 讜壮 讘谞讬住谉 转砖驻状讚

King Solomon: wisest, richest, most powerful of kings. Well, at least that is how the Bible tells it. And the Gemara as well. When the…

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