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A ten-session course for women with Rabbanit Michelle Farber. You can select a topic or take the complete course, it is up to you.

In this course, we will review different themes in the Seder night as we delve into Sugiyot and build our Talmud learning toolbox, step by step.

Who should take this course?

Anyone looking to improve their skills to independently learn Talmud.
Anyone looking for a unique prep for Seder Night.

Appropriate also for beginners.

What will the course look like?

You will learn a selected text in each class, identify recurring themes and terms in Talmudic texts, and discuss the development of rabbinic discussions. All Sugiyot will be taken from the last chapter of Tractate Pesachim, Arvei Pesachim. The course combines frontal learning (video classes) with independent study (Chevruta) which can be done on your own or with a friend.

This course is in English. For the course in Hebrew:
קורס זה מועבר גם בעברית ע”י הרבנית חנה גודינגר (דרייפוס). לחצו להרשמה