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Daf Yomi

June 5, 2017 | 讬状讗 讘住讬讜谉 转砖注状讝

Bava Batra 133

Is it OK to bypass one’s son’s inheritance? 聽Does it make a difference if the son does not behave appropriately either toward God or toward the father? 聽Yosef ben Yoezer bypassed his son and a story is told about the aftermath. 聽However the story is inconclusive regarding this question. 聽Another story is told of one who bypassed his sons and passed his inheritance to Yonatan ben Uziel who in turn returned a third of it to the sons. 聽Shamai attacks him for doing it but he proves to Shamai that he was correct. 聽It is unclear from the details of the story whether the father was hoping Yonatan would give his sons something or not. 聽The greatness of the students of Hillel the Elder are brought as Yonatan ben Uziel was the greatest among them. 聽Is one believed for the purposes of inheritance and levirate (yibum) marriage to say that one has a son or a brother (if there are no brothers, there is no obligation of levirate marriage)?

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Bava Batra 133

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Bava Batra 133

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