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Daf Yomi

June 26, 2017 | 讘壮 讘转诪讜讝 转砖注状讝

Bava Batra 154

Study Guide Bava Batra 154. Today’s shiur includes an organized review of page 154. 聽At what age can one sell聽one’s father’s possessions? 聽18 or 20? 聽What if one at age 20 doesn’t have 2 hairs, at what age do we assume he will not grow hairs and yet we validate his sale? 聽What about at the beginning of the 18th/20th year? 聽What if one over 12/13 but under 18/20 shows signs of understanding business dealings, can we accept a sale?

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Bava Batra 154

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Bava Batra 154
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