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Daf Yomi

July 16, 2017 | 讻状讘 讘转诪讜讝 转砖注状讝

Bava Batra 175a

More discussions regarding different types of guarantors for different types of situations. 聽In which cases do we assume the guarantor will have to pay and in which do we not assume? 聽Do we take into consideration whether or not the debtor had money at the time of the transaction? 聽If one says on one’s deathbed that money is owed to someone – is that statement believed or should we assume that the person was only trying to make it look like his/her sons don’t have a lot of money. 聽Would the same apply in a case where all the money was dedicated to the temple rather than to his sons? 聽Another law is brought regarding the inheritor’s ability to claim that the bequeather may have said he/she owed someone money but then said that they had paid them back – in what case are they believed and in what case are they not believed.

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Bava Batra 175a

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Bava Batra 175a

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