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Daf Yomi

September 24, 2014 | 讻状讟 讘讗诇讜诇 转砖注状讚

Chagigah 16

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learn daf yomi one week at a time with tamara spitz

Chagigah: 14-20- Daf Yomi One Week at a Time

The Gemara continues discussing details of the Heavenly Chariot, Ma鈥檃se Merkava. We will learn the famous story of the four...
talking talmud_square

Chagigah 16: It Was What It Was

On demons, angels, human beings, and animals. Also, on how people should not attempt to look in the prohibited 4...
Gefet with Rabbanit Yael Shimoni

Where Can You Find the Divine Presence? – Gefet 27 讘注讝专转 讛' The second chapter of Tractate Hagiga is one of the most fascinating chapters in the Gemara in...

Voluntary Mitzva Performance and Nachat Ruach Shel Nashim

Adapted from by Deracheha: Women and Mitzvot May a woman perform mitzvot voluntarily? The test case is semicha, leaning...

Chagigah 16

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Chagigah 16

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