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Daf Yomi

July 16, 2017 | 讻状讘 讘转诪讜讝 转砖注状讝

Wills in Modern Times through the Prism of Halacha

Daniel Mann, Esq. speaks about how halacha in modern times grapples with the issue of wills. 聽He begins with the halacha in the Torah which dictates how property should聽be distributed and how it developed in聽the mishna/gemara and through to the shulchan aruch聽and Rema and then to modern day poskim. 聽What聽rabbinic attempts were made to find solutions to create a system that better matches common law? 聽What are the advantages/disadvantages of each solution?

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Wills in Modern Times through the Prism of Halacha

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Wills in Modern Times through the Prism of Halacha
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