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Yoma 7

By Michelle Cohen Farber | April 18, 2021 | ו׳ באייר תשפ״א

Rav Nachman and Rav Sheshet disagree regarding whether impurity is pushed aside or entirely permitted in cases involving the public. The gemara brings three tannaitic…

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Yoma 5

By Michelle Cohen Farber | April 16, 2021 | ד׳ באייר תשפ״א

The shiurim this week are dedicated by the Balkany Family for refuah shleima of Noach Avraham ben Batya Shana. And by Yonatan Hober for a…

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Yoma 4

By Michelle Cohen Farber | April 15, 2021 | ג׳ באייר תשפ״א

Our learning today will be in honor of the State of Israel celebrating 73 years of independence. And in honor of Dr. Haya Shames who…

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Yoma 3

By Michelle Cohen Farber | April 14, 2021 | ב׳ באייר תשפ״א

The daf today is dedicated in memory of the fallen soldiers that were killed protecting the State of Israel and in memory of those that…

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Yoma 2

By Michelle Cohen Farber | April 13, 2021 | א׳ באייר תשפ״א

Masechet Yoma is sponsored by Vicky Harari “in commemoration of my father’s yahrtzeit, on Pesach Sheini 14 Iyar 5777, Avraham Baruch Hacohen ben Zeev Eliyahu…

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