One . 3,000 women

Sunday, January 5, 2020 I 9 Tevet, 5780 I 6pm

ICC ( Binyanei Ha’Uma ), Jerusalem

!we started

and be a part of history at the global Women’s Siyum HaShas of the 13th Cycle of Daf Yomi. Women of all backgrounds invited!

a Daf – learn one Daf of Talmud for a collective Siyum

an uplifting evening of collective singing with Koolulam

  All women, all backgrounds, all ages

Be a part of history

Join thousands on 9 Tevet, 5790 (January 5, 2020) at the International Convention Center (Binyanei Ha’Uma) for the first global Women’s Siyum HaShas, an unprecedented learning experience.
The event will be live-streamed to an international audience.
The Hadran Siyum will bring women together to inspire a new generation of learning for all. 
Learn. Engage. Be inspired.

Adopt a Daf

You too can take part in the Siyum.
Whether you join Hadran at the Siyum in Jerusalem or virtually from home, we invite you to participate by learning one page of Gemara before January 5, 2020, as one of 2,711 women joining together to complete the Shas. The project is open to all levels of learners from beginners to experienced.

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Featuring Koolulam

Explore the Talmud together with us to hear a variety of voices in an evening of learning and song.

Daf Yomi Podcast for Women

Tune in to the daily Daf Yomi podcast by Rabbanit Michelle Farber, founder of Hadran, in English and Hebrew >

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Abbie & Moshe Greenberg

No’a and Ari Gorlin

Leelah and Joseph Gitler

Rella Levenstein Feldman 

Shoshana and Mark Baker

Nicole and Raanan Agus

Naomi and Peter Neustadter

Sarena and David Koschitzky

Tamar and Jono Koschitzky

Julia and Henry Koschitzky

Judy and Shmuel Klitzner

Suzanne and Michael Hochstein

Sasha and Yoni Weiss

Shawna Goodman and Todd Sone

Daniel and Debbie Schwartz

Dana and Ilan Rubinstein

Debra Rappaport Rosen and Michael Rosen

Hadran is a global organization that supports and encourages women’s Talmud learning.

The CEO & founder of HADRAN, Rabbanit Michelle Farber, is the first woman to produce a daily Daf Yomi podcast for women. She has been teaching Daf Yomi since the 13th cycle began in 2012.

  • Estie Agus | Co-chair

  • Dana Rubinstein | Co-chair

  • Shoshana Baker | Co- founder

  • Lisa Kolodny | Project Manager

  • Maggie Sandler | Project Coordinator

  • Debra Rappaport Rosen | Steering Committee

  • Aviva Adler | Steering Committee

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