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Nazir 63

By Michelle Cohen Farber / March 27, 2023 | ה׳ בניסן תשפ״ג

If a nazir finds out after shaving that he had become impure before, the earlier days are canceled and the nezirut must be redone, but only if the impurity was known. However, if it was tumat tehom, then nothing is canceled. Tumat tehom is if one went to a mikveh in a cave and there…

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Nazir 64

By Michelle Cohen Farber / March 28, 2023 | ו׳ בניסן תשפ״ג

Today’s daf is sponsored by Avi Mimun in honor of his wife Joy on their 19th year anniversary. “Joy, your love for Torah learning is a source of inspiration and blessing for me and the kids. I’m so proud of your accomplishments and wish you to be able to complete the entire Shas. I’m lucky…

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Nazir 65

By Michelle Cohen Farber / March 29, 2023 | ז׳ בניסן תשפ״ג

Today’s daf is sponsored by Abby Sosland in memory of Rabbi Henry Sosland, z’l whose yahrzeit is tomorrow. “He always pushed his family to have a project, to study something on the side of everything we were doing. Dad, may our learning today help to give your neshama an aliyah!” Today’s daf is sponsored by…

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Nazir 66 – Siyum Masechet Nazir

By Michelle Cohen Farber / March 30, 2023 | ח׳ בניסן תשפ״ג

For the text of the Hadran ceremony, click here. For more information about What is a Siyum, click here. Siyum Nazir is sponsored by Semé Dewees-Cooper “Special thanks to Rabbanit Michelle and all the Hadran staff who make our daily learning and this Siyum possible. Also mazel tov to each person who is completing this…

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Sotah 2

By Michelle Cohen Farber / March 31, 2023 | ט׳ בניסן תשפ״ג

Ketubot bookmark and checklist Masechet Sotah is sponsored by Ahava Leibtag in honor of Dr. Bryna Levy. “She helped me fall deep in love with learning.” Today’s daf is sponsored by Rikki and Alan Zibitt in loving memory of Rikki’s mother, Frieda Carlin, Freydl bat Meir v’Rivka on her 8th yahrzeit. “May her neshama have…

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Sotah 3

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 1, 2023 | י׳ בניסן תשפ״ג

A number of statements regarding sins in general are derived from the sotah. Rabbi Yishmael brings an explanation why one witness is believed to testify that the sotah had relations with the man she was warned against. What causes one to sin? What causes a husband to be jealous of his wife? Rabbi Yishmale and…

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Sotah 4

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 2, 2023 | י״א בניסן תשפ״ג

This week’s learning is sponsored by Naomi Clapman in honor of her birthday, which was on the 8th of Nissan. “With thanks to the Hadran team and Rabbanit Farber who prepare and teach the daf. Wishing all who listen to Hadran’s daily daf yomi shiur a year of abundant and revealed brachot in all areas…

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Sotah 5

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 3, 2023 | י״ב בניסן תשפ״ג

  Where can one find a warning not to be arrogant? What will happen to those who are arrogant? How does God reward those who are humble? The Mishna on Sotah 2a had said that the husband warns her not to speak with that man but if she does, she is still permitted to her…

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Sotah 6

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 4, 2023 | י״ג בניסן תשפ״ג

  Today’s daf is sponsored by Mona & David Schwartz and family in loving memory of their mother and grandmother Mary Horowitz – Miriam Etel bat Aharon Halevi & Mirel on her 29th yahrzeit. “A woman whose home personified hachnasat orchim. May her neshama have an Aliyah.” After bringing the third version of Rav Yosef’s…

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Sotah 7

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 4, 2023 | י״ג בניסן תשפ״ג

  The Mishna describes the process of bringing the woman first to the court, then to the Temple. The husband must come with her to the Temple and two Torah scholars join them on the journey. Can we infer from here laws regarding seclusion between women and men? What is the role of the Torah…

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