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By Michelle Cohen Farber / May 21, 2017 | ื›ืดื” ื‘ืื™ื™ืจ ืชืฉืขืดื–

In todayย€ย™s daf the daughters of Tzlofchad are praised for their intelligence and for their ability to interpret texts (and their righteousness that they didnmarry until age 40 ย€ย“ they waited until they found men who were worthy).ย  They werenย€ย™t afraid to stand up before the people and demand what they thought was rightfully theirs.ย …

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Menachot 91

By Michelle Cohen Farber / November 9, 2018 | ืืณ ื‘ื›ืกืœื• ืชืฉืขืดื˜

The gemara continues its discussion regarding which sacrifices come with libations and which don’t and how many for each and where from the verses these laws are derived.

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Chullin 110

By Michelle Cohen Farber / March 17, 2019 | ื™ืณ ื‘ืื“ืจ ื‘ืณ ืชืฉืขืดื˜

Can one eat udders cooked with their milk inside? Does it depend? If so, on what does it depend? A story is brought regarding different customs relating to eating udders. Can one get lashes for not respecting their mother and father? If one cooks liver in a pot with other meat, does the blood from…

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Bekhorot 4

By Michelle Cohen Farber / April 21, 2019 | ื˜ืดื– ื‘ื ื™ืกืŸ ืชืฉืขืดื˜

From where do we derive that levites and priests are exempt from the mitzva of redeeming their first born donkeys?

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Siyum HaShas for Women in January

By Michelle Cohen Farber / July 19, 2019 | ื˜ืดื– ื‘ืชืžื•ื– ืชืฉืขืดื˜
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Keritot 9

By Michelle Cohen Farber / August 30, 2019 | ื›ืดื˜ ื‘ืื‘ ืชืฉืขืดื˜

What type of sacrifice does a convert bring – what are the different possibilities? What does a convert need to do in order to convert? From where is this derived? How can a convert do it today when there is no temple and no option to bring sacrifices? How is a ger toshav supposed to…

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