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The most recent podcasts and articles from our team of authors and contributors. Check out our Hebrew contributors too.


Siyum Masechet Megillah by Hadran

Welcome to Hadran's Siyum Masechet Megillah Featuring: The Last Daf...
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Moed Katan 4: Schools of Interpretation and the Babylonian Rain

The Beit Din of Rabban Gamliel, and the parameters of...
alon shvut women

Moed Katan 4

Moed Katan, Daf 4, Teachers: Yehudit Epstein & Dena Rock...
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Moed Katan 2

An introduction to the new tractate, and its focus on...
alon shvut women

Siyum Megilla

Megillah Daf 32, Teacher Tamara Spitz and Siyum  ...

Introduction to Moed Katan

Watch the video introduction or listen to the podcast below....
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Introduction to Moed Katan

  ืœื–ื›ื•ืช ืœืจืคื•ืื” ืฉืœืžื” ืœืจื—ืœ ื‘ืช ื’ื•ืœื“ื ืžืจื™ื ืฉืชื—ื™' ื‘ืชื•ืš...
learn daf yomi one week at a time with tamara spitz

Megillah: 24-32 + Siyum – Daf Yomi One Week at a Time

We will continue to learn about the laws of Torah...
alon shvut women

Megillah 28

Megilah, Daf 28, Teachers:ย  Judith Epstein & Dena Rock
Gefet with Rabbanit Yael Shimoni

Censorship – Gefet 21  
learn daf yomi one week at a time with tamara spitz

Megillah: 17-23 – Daf Yomi One Week at a Time

This week we will learn the entire second chapter of...

Kevod Ha-Tzibbur – A Closer Look

Adapted from by Deracheha: Women and Mitzvot   tl;drย ...
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