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What's New on Hadran

The most recent podcasts and articles from our team of authors and contributors. Check out our Hebrew contributors too.

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Chagigah 3: Radical Empathy

On the list of people who are not obligated in...
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Chagigah 2: Making an Appearance

Introducing the closing, shortest tractate in Moed. On the holiday...
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Moed Katan 29: Going From Strength To Strength

Departing the body upon burial becomes the purview of the...
flashback- shulie mishkin - chagigah intro

Pilgrim’s Progress

โ€œAll are obligated in the mitzva of appearance,โ€ (Hagigah 2a)...
Gefet with Rabbanit Yael Shimoni

Tearing Kriya for a Torah Scholar – Gefet 25
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Moed Katan 28: Death Comes To All

Lifespans, by the sages' estimation, and the biographical detail that...
learn daf yomi one week at a time with tamara spitz

Moed Katan: 21-29 + Siyum – Daf Yomi One Week at a Time

We continue to learn about the mourning rituals and customs....
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Moed Katan 27: Excessive Grief

The daf continues to discuss mourning rituals and can and...
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Moed Katan 26: When We Rend

Tearing keriya - rending one's clothes. For whom do we...
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Moed Katan 25: Eulogies, by and for the Sages

The mourning practices are not put into play during Chol...
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Moed Katan 24: The Worst

NOTE: This episode discusses infant mortality. But first, additional discussion...
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Moed Katan 23: “Go Take Care of Your Sister’s Children”

Do we actually mourn on Shabbat? Some things are cancelled...
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