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What's New on Hadran

The most recent podcasts and articles from our team of authors and contributors. Check out our Hebrew contributors too.

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Sukkah 20: When a Mat Has a Wall

In the ongoing discussion of the mats and their acceptability...
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Sukkah 19: Creative Interpretations

When something comes off a sukkah, it's treated like a...
alon shvut women

About the Sechach

Succah Daf 19 Teachers: Yehudit Epstein & Dena Rock
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Sukkah 18: The Little Fish

Lavud... What if you have a gap of less than...
alon shvut women

The Edge of the Roof

Daf 18 Sukkah Susan Suna On todayโ€™s daf we discuss...
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Sukkah 17: In the Process of Learning

A mishnah with 3 cases of non-kosher sukkahs. And then...
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Sukkah 16: Mind the Gap!

Looking for the stages that clarify the previous mishnah. A...
Gefet in english with rabbanit yael shimoni

When does a Personโ€™s Unique Daโ€™at Have Significance? – Sukkah – Gefet 2

Gefet: Gemara Rashi and Tosafot. Delve into commentaries on the...
learn daf yomi one week at a time with tamara spitz

Sukkah 7 – 13 – Daf Yomi: One Week at a Time

This week we will learn the minimum number of walls...
alon shvut women

Sukkah 5

Daf 5 Teacher: Tamara Spitz
alon shvut women

Sukkah 12

Daf 12 Teacher: Tamara Spitz
alon shvut women

Building a Sukkah

Building a Sukkah - Building Yourself Sukkah Daf 11 From...
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