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daf yomi One week at a time (1)

Shabbat 68-74 – Daf Yomi: One Week at a Time
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Shabbat 76: Food for a Cow, Food for a Camel, and Luggage Weight Limits

Where what you value has impact on what is: namely,...
Weaving Wisdom

Weaving demonstration

  Here is a short demonstration...
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Shabbat 75: Killing Is Not in the Spirit of Shabbat

Mazalot - divination vs. astronomy, that which at worst carries...
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Shabbat 74: The Problem of Seedless Watermelon

Who's Who: Nachmani. Borer - what are the parameters of...
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Shabbat 73: The 39 Melakhot of Shabbat

First, Abaye vs Rava on throwing an object in reshut...
Weaving Wisdom

Melachot relating to spinning, weaving and dyeing

On Daf 73a, we learn about all of the steps...
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Shabbat 72: My Mitzvah Can Beat Up Your Mitzvah

The Gemara claims: Shabbat is a more stringent area of...
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Shabbat 71: When Eating Fat Is Literally a Sin

R. Yochanan vs. Resh Lakish on the number of sin-offerings...
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Shabbat 70: Keeping Shabbat Is Hard

How did we come by these 39 individual melakhot? The...
Copy of Back to school.._

Back to School

My children spent this past weekend preparing to return to...
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Shabbat 69: On the *Second* Day, Adam (and Eve) Rested

Why do we need to know that there are 39...
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