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May 26, 2022 | כ״ה באייר תשפ״ב | TODAY'S DAF: Yevamot 80

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Yevamot 69: Second Generation Edomites (and Others)

Those kohanim whose progeny are to be disqualified from eating...
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Yevamot 68: An Extra “Vav”

About that 9-year-and-one-day-old boy, in the case when he has...
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Yevamot 67: The Influence of a Fetus

A new mishnah - a bat Yisrael whose husband is...
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Yevamot 66: Usufruct Property (and the other kind too)

Chapter 7! And a new mishnah: Who can't eat terumah,...
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Yevamot 65: “P’ru Ur’vu” Is Plural!

More on p'ru ur'vu... A man is commanded in this...
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Yevamot 64: God Wants the Prayers of the Righteous

More aggadah - familiar interpretations of Genesis, for example...where Avraham...
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Yevamot 63: What Could Be Worse Than Death

A daf of aggadah...5 statements of R. Eliezer, including about...
learn daf yomi one week at a time with tamara spitz

Yevamot: 58-64 – Daf Yomi One Week at a Time

This week we are going to learn about who a...
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Chapter 7: Visual Tools for Yevamot

For Masechet Yevamot, Hadran's staff has created dynamic presentations to...

Ask Your Local Rabbi

On Yevamot 64b we hear a story that took place...
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Yevamot 62: Rabbi Akivas Students

Be fruitful and multiply - 2 interesting aggadot involving R....
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Yevamot 61: The Saving Graces of the Priestly Marriage Practicalities

4 mishnayot! Practical details about kohanim and whom they can...
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