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alon shvut women

Ask Everyone?

Eruvin Daf 70 - discusses ביטול רשות.  We start with...
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Eruvin 71: Oil and Wine Don’t Mix (Usually)

If you have a partnership with those who live on...
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Eruvin 70: Shabbat Status Quo

The case of 5 homes on a courtyard, where one...
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Eruvin 69: Home Hospitality

A person who goes out with a coral ring and...
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Eruvin 68: The Race to the Courtyard

The case of the need for warm water for a...
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Eruvin 67: The Advantage of a Private Second Entrance

When there's a non-Jew who lives on the same courtyard...
one week at a time with tamara spitz

Eruvin 59-65 – Daf Yomi: One Week at a Time

This week we will review concepts in Daf 59-65 including...
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Eruvin 66: Non-Jews on the Courtyard

What it means to negate other people's ability to carry...
alon shvut women

The Attributes of Wine

Eruvin Daf 64 In today's daf: The role of wine...
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Eruvin 65: Night Was Created for Sleep

R. Sheshet says he can exempt the entire world from...
hamat gader pool

Oh the places you’ll go

A number of interesting geographical references have come up in...
talking talmud_square

Eruvin 64: “What an excellent halakhah!”

What can you do when a non-Jew lives on your...
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