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What's New on Hadran

The most recent podcasts and articles from our team of authors and contributors. Check out our Hebrew contributors too.

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Ketubot 76: The Case of the Extra Toe

More on the blemishes. Noting that people with blemishes did...
rabbi yehoshua blevi longfellow

Never Say Die

Closing off the seventh chapter of Ketubot, we have a...
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Ketubot 75: Women on Display

Physical blemishes that can negate a betrothal - parallel to...
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Ketubot 74: The Doctor and the Wise One

How betrothal is brought into effect in expected (a ring)...
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Ketubot 73: When Is a Marriage a Marriage?

A machloket between Rav and Shmuel on the previous mishnah:...
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Ketubot 72: The Hair-Covering Daf

A mishnah on the practices of Dat Moshe and Dat...
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Ketubot 71: “Place a Finger between Her Teeth”

A puzzle of language. In the context of a discussion...
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Ketubot 70: Absurd, Outlandish Vows and the Third-party Loopholes around Them

A new chapter, a new mishnah! If a man takes...
learn daf yomi one week at a time with tamara spitz

Ketubot: 63-69 – Daf Yomi One Week at a Time

This week we are going to learn about the โ€œrebellious...
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Ketubot 69: Last of the Tannaim, First of the Amoraim

A dispute and conversation between R. Yehudah HaNasi and Rav...
jewelry bet alfa

All That Glitters

Ketubot continues with obligations that husbands and wives owe each...
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Ketubot 68: You Don’t Have to Be Homeless to Need Help

The discussion of charity begins in Pe'ah, with a focus...
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