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What's New on Hadran

The most recent podcasts and articles from our team of authors and contributors. Check out our Hebrew contributors too.

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Bava Metzia 39: Apotropos – Guardian and Custodian

More on the property of captives. When it's time to...
learn daf yomi one week at a time with tamara spitz

Bava Metzia 29 – 35 – Daf Yomi: One Week at a Time

If one finds holy scrolls, one needs to unroll them...
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Bava Metzia 38: The Property of Captives

A new mishnah! One who gives produce to another to...
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Bava Metzia 37: The Thief Who Admits He Stole

A new mishnah! When a thief acknowledges the theft, but...
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Bava Metzia 36: When a Guardian Hands Off to Another Guardian

When a guardian transfers the item he's watching to another...
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Din & Daf: Negligence & Responsibility

Din & Daf: Conceptual Analysis of Halakha Through Case Study...
rabbi ammi grave

Ami Yisrael Chai

One of the names that occurs frequently in the Gemara...
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Bava Metzia 35: Of Jewels and Cows and Land Transactions

The guardian who has lost something left in his protection...
Gefet with Rabbanit Yael Shimoni and Shalhevet Schwartz logo

Can I Change my Mind? Defining G’mar Din – Gefet

Gefet: Gemara, Perushim and Tosfot An in-depth (Iyun) Gemara shiur...
On Second Thought (2)

Animal Cruelty – On Second Thought

On Second Thought: Delving Into the Sugya with Rabbanit Yafit...
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Bava Metzia 34: HaMafkid

The third perek of Bava Metzia is a classic yeshiva...
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Bava Metzia 33: Your Father, Your Teacher

A mishnah asks whose lost item is more important for...
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