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The Power of Jewelry in Chapter Six

The juxtaposition of two sugyot on daf 62: is striking....
daf yomi One week at a time (1)

Shabbat 61-67 – Daf Yomi: One Week at a Time

This week we will review Daf 61-67. We will continue...
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Shabbat 68: When You Forget What Day It Is — and That Day Is Shabbat

Back to basics: The categories (avot) of prohibited labor on...
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Shabbat 67: The Big Red Tree

When folk remedies don't heal, and might be worse -...
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Shabbat 66: Transferring a Fever to a Passing Ant (Not on Shabbat!)

Is a prosthetic leg to be considered a shoe? What...
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Amen Sela

One of the most famous coins in Talmudic times appears...
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Shabbat 65: Are We Wearing Our Masks – or Carrying Them?

More things a woman might wear. Including strings in pierced...
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Shabbat 64: Erotic in the Eye of the Beholder

Different ornamental items - how internal and external pieces of...
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Shabbat 63: Swords into Ploughshares

The smell of cinnamon in Jerusalem. The time of the...
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Shabbat 62: Rabbi Meir: Tefillin Are Not a Positive, Time-bound Commandment (Wait, what?!)

First, defining some terms of armor. Then, a new mishnah...
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The Sweet Smell of Apharsemon

There are many references in the Gemara to apharsemon. We...
daf yomi One week at a time (1)

Shabbat 55-60 – Daf Yomi: One Week at a Time

We will review Daf 55-60 this week. After finishing the...
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